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A Coalition Focused on Hunger

We know that no one individual or organization can end hunger alone. That’s why our community has assembled a coalition of local organizations, companies, government representatives, volunteers, and hunger-relief partners. Together, we will work to make a difference for the communities of Mower County.

Starting in our Hometown

We believe food security can be achieved, and that we all have a responsibility to help achieve this goal. We also believe that there’s no better place to start than in the hometowns of Mower County, Minnesota.

Our goal is that Mower County will be deemed a food secure community when data indicates a 3% food insecurity rate and all individuals have access to sustainable systems meeting nutrition needs to include food preferences, dietary needs, and culturally competent food to promote a lifestyle conducive to a flourishing community. Our goal will be achieved through informed solutions related to partners, programs, policy, and research.

Community Assessment: Food Insecurity in Mower County

Through dozens of stakeholder interviews, surveys, community listening sessions, subject matter expert input, and countless conversations, the Coalition has complied an informative report for starting to understand hunger in our community.

Read the Mower County Food Insecurity Community Assessment Report to learn more.

Some of our Coalition Partners

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Storytelling panel at the Together at the Table Summit

Coalition Members Attend ‘Together at the Table’ Baylor Summit

Our team had the opportunity to participate in the Together at the Table Summit in Waco, TX, hosted by the Baylor Collaborative on Hunger and Poverty. The...

Hometown Food Security Project October Newsletter

From the beginning of this initiative, it was clear that there was no singular cause for food insecurity in Mower County and there would be no singular...

Hometown Food Security Project Reaching Out to Rural Food Shelves

In honor of Hunger Action Month in September, HFSP donates time and financial resources to four local food shelves in Mower County’s rural communities. The...

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