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USDAArticles, books and other digital resources about hunger and food insecurity.


Articles & Papers

Food Insecurity Research in US: Where We Have Been and Where We Need to Go – Craig Gunderson and James P. Ziliak – Download PDF 

Ensuring the Dignity and Autonomy of SNAP Recipients – Craig Gunderson – Download PDF

Food Insecurity and Health Outcomes – Craig Gundersen and James P. Ziliak – Read Online

The State of Senior Hunger in America – James P. Ziliak and Craig Gundersen – Download PDF

Survey Tools – USDA – Read Online


I Was Hungry: Cultivating Common Ground to End an American Crisis by Jeremy K. Everett 

Offers an assessment of the current state of the food insecurity crisis and strategies for addressing it. Calls on Christians to address the suffering of the hungry and poor and effectively make a difference in ending America’s hunger crisis.

The Unending Hunger: Tracing Women and Food Insecurity Across Borders by Megan Carney

Food Policy in the United States by Parke Wilde

SNAP Matters: How Food Stamps Affect Health and Well-Being by Judith Bartfeld , Craig Gundersen, Timothy Smeeding, James P. Ziliak 

Food and Poverty: Food Insecurity and Food Sovereignty Among America’s Poor
(Vanderbilt University Press)

The End of Hunger: How Science, Religion, and Politics Can Work Together to Make Possible (InterVarsity Press).



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