Toward Food Security 2025

A Case for Change Summit


Tuesday, May 24 

11  a.m. Arrive Hormel Foods Headquarters Chairman’s II for Baylor Team Home Base

11:30-12:45: Lunch available at Hormel Foods (catered by Sales Cabin) (Paula and DeEtta to handle) Lunch for 15

1:00-2:00: Austin Plant Tour (Bailey arranging) (guests will need to have closed toe shoes. Pants preferred) (There will be an opportunity to change before and after if preferred)

2:15-3:30: Tour Hormel Institute (Wendy arranged with Raquel at HI) Dr. Bob Clarke giving the tour.

3:45 p.m. Tour of the SPAM Museum + Museum Store (Savile arranging)

4:30 p.m. Driving Tour of Austin, MN Highlights (Chamber; Molly; Tammy- Split into two cars- Molly car and Baylor car)

6:00 p.m. Dinner Old Mill – Reservation for 15 (Baylor group, Jim, Tammy, Kevin, Scott, Peter, Garrett, Wendy, Molly, others TBD)

8:00 p.m. Return to Hotel – own transportation

Wednesday, May 25 

(Baylor Team – own transportation to Hormel Foods arrival 8 a.m. )

Full agenda and Speaker Roles

8:30-8:50: Participants arrive – guard will direct to reserved parking by the R&D center

Guests will check in at registration table and receive their name tags

9 a.m.: Meeting Begins with welcome from Jim and Tammy Snee (welcome slide on screen)

9:05:  Setting the tone – the importance of mindfulness when solving important problems: Sherry Chesak and Tammy Snee

9:10: Jim Snee: Quick introductions – name, organization and why food security matters to you (roundtable)

9:20: Molly Lanke: United Way’s perspective on food security in Austin

–The Case for Food Security in Austin

-History (how the % has stayed the same over the last several years)

-Current Efforts

-Overview of resources dedicated to food security

-Facts and figures on food security – what we know today

-Women and infant

-School-aged children

-Young adult (high school/college)



9:40-9:45:  Jim Snee introduces special keynote guests: Craig and Jeremy

9:45-10:30 – Craig and Jeremy Keynote Presentation

-Hunger in America – What the Research Tells Us (Craig)

-Behind the numbers  – case studies of communities and what’s behind food insecurity

-Action to solve for hunger – what works and what doesn’t work

-Baylor Collaborative – Community collaboration success stories- hunger free communities

-Challenge and opportunities

-Focus areas for Baylor Collaborative today and tomorrow

10:30-11:00 – Breakout exercise – Attention Span Media – Peter and Garrett

(10 minutes on answering the questions and 15 minutes discussing) (flips charts around room)

-Breakout Discussions (draft questions) (each of our group will be assigned to a breakout group (5 people per breakout plus facilitator)

-Do we want Austin to be food secure? If so, what will it take?

-Do we have the right resources? Do we feel like they are working together?

-What does a food secure community look like and how to we maintain it?

– What are the three actions we can take today that will help build a more food secure Austin?

-Report Outs

11:00-11:15: Jim – what we heard and an idea that we can all rally around.

-A Partnership Approach to a Food Secure Community by 2025

-Blueprint to solve and share

-Office of Food Security (Baylor + Other Univ Fellows)

-Goal to have Austin, MN designated as a food secure community by 2025

-Announcement of local advisory council – those in this room + others who weren’t able to attend (Molly Lanke will chair, along with Hormel Foods)

-Quarterly meetings

11:15-11:30:  Final comments, questions  -point people to the website for additional resources and information

-Jim shares Bleu Duck story and how they are a customer and have been working to solve for hunger

11:30-12:30: Lunch – Bleu Duck Food Truck – participants can take food to go, or enjoy tables on the patio or in the Innovation Center. Bleu Duck Truck will be on the east side of the Innovation Center. Opens up to corporate campus at 12:30 p.m.

12:30-1:00 – Regroup – Jim/Tammy/Wendy, Molly, Baylor, Attention Span

1:30 p.m. Depart for airport – own transportation (Jim and Tammy flying with Baylor team)

2:00 p.m. Depart Austin Minnesota – arrive in Waco 4:15

Hometown Food Security Project

Hometown Food Security Project
318 Main St N.
Austin, MN 55912

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