On Thanksgiving Thursday, the Salvation Army hosted its annual Thanksgiving dinner for the community. This year, with the coordination and support of our coalition, and with the Austin Bruins hockey team joining the effort, the dinner was a big success. The number of participants doubled from last year with more than 100 attending.

A group of exchange students from Riverland Community College joined the festivities, along with College President Kat Linaker and her family. The students welcomed the opportunity to pack and take leftovers back to campus!

Hormel Foods culinary team leader Chef Barry Greenberg and his wife, Lisa, worked very hard leading the meal preparation efforts. The Austin Bruins were a big help with the event, which preceded the Hometown Food Security Night game at their home arena shortly thereafter!

Prior to the dinner, the Salvation Army did its food box giveaway, supported by a big donation of Jennie-O® Turkey Store turkeys from Hormel Foods. It was so popular, in fact, that the team had to make a last minute run for more turkeys to meet this year’s high need.

Special shout-outs to all of those who made this event a success! For many, it was a full family affair. Thank you Katie Larson and daughter Alex, Amy and Paul Sheehan and daughter Molly, Stephanie and Mike Postma, Jim and Tammy Snee, son Josh and daughter Carly, Gema Alvarado-Guerrero, and Jeff and Diane Baker for their help with the event!

A big thank you as well to Dr. Suzette Overby and her students with the Riverland Community College DEEDS program, who helped assemble take-home bags for the Salvation Army participants to bring home after their meal.